(Dantri.com.vn) Last week, Vingroup announced in the next 5 years, they will concentrate on developing popular houses with the price from 700 million VND, the “Pioneer” Ecopark continues to warm up the market every week by selling a complex apartment Aqua Bay SKy Residences after annoucing that 2000 apartments are sold out in the same segment.

Reasonable high-class race seems to be in accelerating stage and opens a golden opportunity for buyers.

Cheap house segment has always been hunted while the demand is more greater the supply.According to the statistics of Vietnam Real Estate Association, Hanoi market individually has more than 59.000 imcomplete apartments and expected there will be more than 11.000 apartments from many new projects launched in late 2016, 70% of them is belonged to the premium segment. Meanwhile, according to the Ministry of Construction, since 2017 about 70% of the market focuses on house with average or lower prices.

At the risk of high-class products indigestion, many large companies in the real estate sector began to promote the development of houses with average prices

However, it is not easy to change because of the low profits but requires the business need to have a big fund of land, synchronized planning, outstanding infrastructure to supply the residents the high quality services but still in acceptable prices in the near future.

Reasonable high-class apartments raceAffordable apartments with fantastic view to the lake

Because of this, though, is a potential segment, appealing to both investors and home buyers in the market, but currently, the number of successful investors to this segment is only counted on the fingers.

Who is leading the ‘race’?

“Pioneer” building real estate product line fit the market demand, Ecopark is seen as investors leading the race “class apartments, affordable prices”, bringing home ownership opportunities Cheap for 70% of urban residents are the real needs for housing.

High-end product line, price is typically soft and Aqua Bay West Bay of Ecopark is built on the foundation of the whole infrastructure of the project, extensive land and green infrastructure, synchronization, utility 5 stars, are experts as well as existing residents identified as the most liveable urban Vietnam. These are advantages investor does not get by but to have extensive land, infrastructure and the living space is not easy to create just the in the few days

Reasonable high-class apartments race

From comprehensive infrastructure advantages and existing residents, West Bay and Aqua Bay is like sowing flowers are blooming just between fields were green. The luxury apartments come with open views, beautiful clear, blue untouched by aquatic plants and spacious bay. System wide bay surrounded Aqua Bay project to air-conditioning and offer exceptional value for future residents along the leading 5 Star utility, exquisite design and high-end furniture, is created private modern life and superlative class.

According to experts, the success of the “luxury apartments, affordable” at Ecopark, the real estate market in the coming period will witness the big move, many investors will split names apartment area, shifting investment towards the periphery to the vast land to provide the market with apartments below 1 billion, quality apartments.

Reasonable high-class apartments race

However, the advantage will tilt about the project as groundbreaking Ecopark by the model as well as practical implementation experience, reputable investors, as evidenced by the most liquid markets in which the project this was achieved in 2016, through the opening round of 2,000 apartments successfully sold to West Bay and is close to Aqua Bay 3,000 units.

Buy the Aqua Bay hit 50 Ford Ecosport Ecopark

Aqua Bay Project consists of 7 towers from 30 to 36 floors, priced starting at only 789 million / unit. On 2 presales phase, nearly 800 customers successful trading, becoming the future residents of the urban area worth living in Vietnam.

17.18 day / 12 investors will open sale phase 3 – Sky 3 tower with lots of apartments view to the Marina Bay landscape. In particular, customers appreciate support the project, the investor announced preferential policies crisis, according to which every customer will have the first 25 winners Ford Ecosport cars worth 650 million VND / car.